TBT: High School Days... (Senior Prom, Friends, etc)

Haii GUAYS. today is Thursday... and you know what that means. THROWBACK THURSDAY!
Thought I'd go back to my senior year of high school. Second semester was super fun for me. As soon as I got my results from colleges, I was like "fakk it" and dropped all my AP classes and barely went to class. LOL. I was looking through my old photos and these are some of the memories I had during senior year!
My friends Paul, Ivan, (me) and Aaron! I really miss them. I haven't talked to them since I started school again. I feel really bad but they are all understanding and super nice. Especially Aaron~ They were all in college while I was still in high school.

Picture I took of Aaron at the Korean festival!
My friend Kevin! LOL he's soooo funny. We have like the same odd sense of humor. He's really good at singing too so I used to always went to the Karaoke lounge with him. He's only attractive when he sings. Kidding! ..(just in case he reads this LOL)
Taking sticker pictures at "Sticki Picki" was the "thing" in high school. oh gosh.  
When my friend took a picture of me in front of costco because we had nothing better to do -_-. This was probably my slimmest figure in high school. About 105 lbs.
Birthday Dinner w/ my best friend Esther! Korean BBQ and Froyo!
Esther and Me! She's so cute hahah
"Esther I'm 18 now give me a kiss!"
"Ew wtf Christine are you drunk go away!"
Prom. Oh gosh. I hated prom. I hated school dances in general. I just found them to be extremely awkward. The after party was nice though. We all ended up sleeping over at my friend anthony's house and watched movies and ate junk food. My prom date was my friend "Cy" he's a happa ^^ Half Japanese and half Caucasian~ 
 Last minute dress shopping for prom. I had to skip class to go shopping for this dress because I literally bought my dress a day before prom... I seriously was contemplating on not going up til the night before. LOL that's how much I don't like school dances. le sigh~
I spent like my whole paycheck on this Sue Wong dress. It was approx. $600.00. I only wore it once and now it's in my closet gathering dust ToT I thought it was too expensive but my friend was like "Christine that's not expensive. Everyone else spent like over $1,000 on their dress" ... PEER PRESSURE.
I was like "I highly doubt that.. what are you trying to say?" Another reason why I hated prom. You waste money and end up being around catty, snobby bi***es LOL
My ex-boyfriend James. We dated for like 7 months I think~ He's two years older than me so he was in college while I was still in high school.
He was a superrrr nice typical Korean boyfriend. hahaha. Always held my bags in public places and such haha
Sitting on the senior bench and cheesin' because there were only a few more months left!

**Okay now that I'm looking back it looks like all my friends were Asian but this is not the case LOL. Most of them were but  keep in mind I went to a school in Orange County where over 50% of the student body were Asians. So that should explain~
I tag all of you guys to do a TBT post too ^_^


  1. Omg, love all these photos! I remember my senior year... I ended up ditching everything at the last moment and not going, lol. I don't really regret it because I hateee school dances as well!

    These pictures make me miss HS. T__T...

    1. Ahhh I know right? I hated high school LOL but I had some good times too! It was very.. bittersweet! Definitely prefer college!

  2. great pictures & blogpost ! :D

  3. Wow, you looked absolutely gorgeous on your Senior Prom night! I didn't like school dances either, and my ex-boyfriend was not fun at all. It was always such a waste of money for me because I had to pay for everything and the ex never wanted to stay at the dance for more than an hour. -___-; Your prom dress is gorgeous! lol I only spent $75 bucks on my dress. I was not about to drop more than $100 bucks on it. XD I'm so cheap!

    1. LOL your ex made you pay for everything? Like even your dinner? Oh gosh that's horrible. That's like going as friends instead T_T Yea! that's what I thought too! I think that's a fair price to pay for a dress that you're probably only going to wear once -_- Mine was such a waste of money I cringe when I see it hanging in the closed :')

  4. Great photos and I love your dress. I only went to my senior prom lol. I didn't go to any of the other dances. But, I don't remember my dress being that expensive. I think only like $100-$200.

    1. Yea I didn't go to Junior prom either. There was this one senior I liked back then but he never asked me to prom. Then after he went off to college and I was a senior, he told me he liked me and was going to ask me but didn't because he thought I wasn't interested in him ToT Funny how life works out!

  5. Your prom dress is gorgeous, you look beautiful! But I also love the cute red coat that you are wearing^-^ x

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  6. Omg you know Ivan?! I just met him the other day and I'm friends with his little brother!! ^^

    1. LOL really? Do you live in Malaysia?. Yea! His little brother looks exactly like him but a smarter version ^^ hahaha

    2. Yup I live in Malaysia! HAHAAHAH Smarter version? Hmm maybe! Hehehe what a small world!

  7. No way, you know Ivan as well?! Haha, it seems that he is really popular lol~ xD
    You are really beautiful btw and I'm a new follower. :D!

    1. Yea! We live pretty close to each other. LOL he's just all over the social networks isn't he? He's really nice and a good friend.

      Thanks so much^^ Following you too!:)

  8. wahhh I love your new blogspot its just so U and cutee T.T wish u had facebook back so I can always like ur epic HD photography hehehe ;D

    1. omg.. i haven't used facebook for like 9 months now. I'm kinda proud of myself LOL when I made the "oath" to not use it until I got my shit done didn't think it would last this long.. will probably reactivate soon. and thanks cathyyy! but I'm getting a new layout soon! ^^

  9. Oh really beautiful your pics. But I hated the highschool too. I hate the proms and are that tings was very dissapointed to me.

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  10. Beautiful pics, i loved your prom dress..
    maybe we can follow each other!!
    Happy weekend..
    Keep in touch,

  11. Nice blog! Would you like follow each other? :)


  12. omg these photos are really lovely ~
    Are you missing your high school time? I think your boyfriend was really cute and caring!
    prom dresses are so pricey! I'm currently in high school and I hate it atm but I will probably miss this time when I'm in college haha c:

  13. Oh my gosh, what a cute idea! It's always so interesting to look back at high school and see how much you've changed. Ahh, I remember when I used to be that skinny, haha x)

  14. I adore your blog :) Very interesting and informative posts hehe. I love the idea of a throwback thursday post and your prom dress was gorgeous! We have the same blogger theme too haha :D I just started a fashion blog recently and would love for you to check it out. Follow for a follow on GFC and bloglovin? I'll follow back xx



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    1. Omg thank you so much!! I feel so honored LOL You are so sweet T_T I will be sure to post the award soon and will let you know with the link ^^

  16. Wow, looking at your pictures sure make me miss high school
    though there were a bunch of moments I'll never want to relive again ahah
    And I also feel the same about school dances. I never went to my prom
    because I just didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dress I was only
    going to wear once and stand around and pretend like I was actually going
    to dance..how awkward ahah
    But it's great to see that you had such a great time with your friends
    because let's face it, friends are what make school bearable^_^lol
    Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed reading and seeing
    your old pictures(: