Side to side comparison of Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in "Glisten" and one of the most coveted blushes of all time....  NARS Orgasm. Both are medium pink blushes with coral undertones with a golden shimmer sheen. I guess overall, it would be safe to say they are "Coral Pink" blushes but I would say both are slightly on the pinker side rather than coral. The color is just so versatile in the sense that they would look good on just about any skin tone. I have pale skin with a bit of yellow undertones and this blush really adds just enough warmth to my skin for a healthy, natural flush.

(Left: Orgasm , Right: Glisten)
Color: Nars Orgasm has slightly more shimmer than Tarte's Glisten. Glisten's golden sheen is definitely more finely milled and not as noticeable when applied to the skin. This does result in giving Glisten an every so slightly cooler tone because the warmth of the gold sheen is not as noticeable. I have a lot of acne scars on my cheek area and I've noticed that NARS Orgasm's shimmer tends to accentuate my imperfections. The golden sheen may not stand out so much on pan but definitely does on the skin over foundation.They both have a natural sheen finish.
Formula: I found Tarte's Glisten to be a bit more blendable. I would say that Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes are by far the best I've tried thus far. The formula just glides on so smoothly and effortlessly. For longevity, both blushes have lasted me a good day without fading which is about 6-8 hours. I would say "12 hours" is a bit exaggerating . That would be like a miracle product! -_- Both have the same amount of pigmentation. Just the right amount for a blush. Definitely not lacking in intensity. 

Packaging: I love NARS sleek design but to be honest, these can become a hot mess in an instant. The rubber exterior attracts so much crap. Tarte's packaging feels a bit.. I don't know drugstore-ish ?LOL Just your generic plastic packaging. I don't know.. I'm a bit picky with packaging. Maybe it's because I'm Korean and I've been so spoiled with the cute packaging of Korean cosmetics.

Value: NARS Orgasm retails for $29.00 for  4.8g of product and Tarte's Glisten retails for $26.00 for  5.6g of product.
Final Verdict: I would say just for the formula and the value, I would definitely choose Tarte's Glisten over NARS Orgasm. Plus, I definitely prefer the finish of Glisten because the shimmer is more finely milled and flattering on my skin. So if you tried NARS Orgasm and you're looking for a slightly cheaper, less shimmery alternative, I would definitely recommend Tarte's Glisten!


  1. great review! I have always felt that Orgasm accentuated my imperfections! I'm going to try out Glisten! Thanks for the advice (: xox

  2. NARS Orgasm for me was always one of those highly raved about blushers that I never had any intentions or interest in picking up or trying out, because of the shimmers. A few reviews I've read or seen have always mentioned that the shimmer particles are somewhat chunky and if you don't like large glitters/shimmers that it wasn't for you. I think Glisten from Tarte would be something I'd be interested in. I have Exposed and love it! Great review, thanks for sharing! ^__^b

    1. YES! Anna, you should definitely pass on Orgasm and definitely go for Glisten! I loveee Tarte blushes (so much that i've stopped collecting blushers from NARS and MAC)! I have about 5 of them now so I think I may do a post on them soon ^^

  3. so pretty, love the packaging of Tarte! * thank you for the review, all your photos one the site are so nice that it just makes me want to buy everything. also, followed you back and looking forward to your next update.